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Samurai Red "Feudal Japan Era" Piece 1

Samurai Red "Feudal Japan Era" Piece 1

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Every era has a need of heroes...  Every era has there stories...  What if we have always been...  In every era through out time...  What if the Power has ALWAYS existed...  What if my consciousness has always been...  That means I am as old as time...  I have fought countless battles...  I have saved countless peoples...  It means the Power is ...  endless..!

This piece comes autographed by Austin St. John and MUST be personalized to a person, nickname or business.  Please list to whom you would like it autographed to.  If no name is included there will be one email attempt to reach the buyer for a personalization/name before the order will be cancelled and refunded less a $10 handling fee.

Artwork done by Peejay Catacutan on Instagram at @Peejaypo. I met Peejay on line sometime ago and asked him to do a Samurai era Red!  I fell in love with his work and commissioned a Feudal Era Team that is for an older fan base.  A fan base not afraid to feel the Power!  Peejay delivered and amazing set of art work through collaboration with me via email.  This is the first piece of the team set for the Feudal Japan Era.  They are available no where else in the world except through www.austinstjohn.biz for a limited time only!

Collectors will love the set!  There will be eight pieces released in the set!  Collect them all in 11x17 printed in high definition on high quality paper for your wall!


Share with everyone!! 


-Austin St. John

Jason "The Original Red Ranger"

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