Samurai Collection "Feudal Japan Era" All Eight Pieces

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Product Description

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Across every era, heroes have answered the call. Each era has its stories to tell. What if our existence has transcended time itself? What if the Power has been a constant presence? What if my consciousness has persisted through the ages, making me as ancient as time itself? Countless battles fought, countless lives saved. This signifies the boundless nature of the Power! - "Austin St. John"

Two pieces bear the signature of Austin St. John (Pieces 1 and 8) and are ready for personalized autographs. Provide the name, nickname, or business for the autograph. If no name is given, a single email attempt will be made to contact the buyer for personalization information. Failure to provide a name will result in order cancellation and refund, with a $50 handling fee.

Crafted by Peejay Catacutan, an artist featured on Instagram at @Peejaypo. Our creative collaboration began online, and I requested a depiction of a Samurai-era Red Ranger. Enamored by Peejay's art, I commissioned an entire Feudal Era Team, tailored for a more mature fan base unafraid to embrace the Power! Peejay's remarkable artworks were born from our email exchanges. This collection represents the complete assembly of the team set within the Feudal Japan Era. Notably, Peejay has sold only 10 prints each of #1 and #8 in Singapore—exclusives! These prints are solely available through, for a limited time.

Collectors will cherish this set! The ensemble comprises eight distinct pieces. Acquire them all, sized 11x17, printed in high definition on top-tier paper—a perfect addition to adorn your wall!

-Austin St. John

Jason "The Original Red Ranger"