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Samurai Collection "Feudal Japan Era" All Eight Pieces

Samurai Collection "Feudal Japan Era" All Eight Pieces

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Throughout the annals of time, heroes have risen to answer the call, leaving behind their indomitable stories. But consider this: what if our existence defied the very constraints of time? What if the Power, unwavering and timeless, coursed through every era? What if my consciousness, unwavering and eternal, bore witness to countless ages, making me as ancient as the cosmos itself? Countless battles waged, countless souls rescued—a testament to the infinite might of the Power! - "Austin St. John"

Behold two legendary pieces, graced by the hand of Austin St. John himself (Pieces 1 and 8), awaiting personalized autographs. Bestow upon us the name, the moniker, or the business to adorn these masterpieces with your unique touch. Failure to provide a name shall trigger a single email endeavor to secure personalization details, and if left unattended, a regretful order cancellation shall follow, accompanied by a $50 handling fee.

The brilliant artistry of Peejay Catacutan, showcased on Instagram at @Peejaypo, became the foundation of our creative union. Through the digital ether, I beckoned for a vision of the Samurai-era Red Ranger, and Peejay's response was nothing short of mesmerizing. Enchanted by his craft, I commissioned a Feudal Era Team, tailored for those who seek a more mature connection with the Power, unburdened by fear! Our collaboration unfolded through email exchanges, birthing this magnificent collection—the embodiment of our Feudal Japan Era Team in its entirety. Notably, Peejay's brush has graced only ten prints each of #1 and #8 in the distant shores of Singapore—exclusive treasures! These prints stand as solitary beacons, attainable solely through www.austinstjohn.biz, for a fleeting moment.

Prepare for collectors' euphoria! This set comprises eight distinct masterpieces, each measuring 11x17, meticulously crafted in high definition, adorning the finest quality paper. A testament to your dedication and love for the Power, these artworks are destined to grace your wall in epic splendor!

-Austin St. John

Jason "The Original Red Ranger"

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