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Redempt1on Comics Book One All Covers "Choose Your Artist Cover and Cover Material"

Redempt1on Comics Book One All Covers "Choose Your Artist Cover and Cover Material"

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In a world shattered by desolation and ruins, where the echoes of forgotten tales merge with the ashes of yesterday, four legendary artists rise, each capturing the essence of a tale that threads through the very fabric of the post-apocalyptic world.

Alan Quah, the maestro of arts who once created for giants like Marvel, DC, and Boom, brings forth the first tome graced with the spectral image of a child maiden in a sun-touched yellow dress. Her visage, an enigmatic homage to the storied Power Rangers, holds a particular resonance with Austin. The apparition seems to reincarnate the spirit of a fallen hero, the radiant "Trini," once portrayed by the legendary Thuy Trang. Through Quah's pencil-strokes, Austin resurrects Thuy, interweaving her essence into the epic saga of Redempt1on.

In the vastness of the wasteland, David Sanchez emerges, painting the tapestry of a "Bearded Warrior." A prodigious artisan who has rendered for both Boom and DC, Sanchez crafts an image so fierce that even "Rambo" would seem to be but a fragile doll named "Barbie" in comparison. To Austin, this formidable depiction is more than just art; it evokes the spirit of a true warrior he once knew in days gone by.

From the shadows of obscurity, Cole Hays ascends, an emerging comet in the realm of comic artistry. With the "Patriot" cover, he initiates an epic mural that, over time, would stretch out to form a grandiose wall tapestry. Hidden within this masterpiece, Hays intricately meshes an image of Austin's parents, a poignant tribute to a recently departed father. For Austin, this cover holds the weight of a thousand memories, a treasure of the heart.

Lastly, Ken R. Salinas, an artist whose talents are so profound they defy all earthly description, crafts an ethereal all-red canvas. Within its crimson vastness, Austin discerns the outline of a human cranium, and therein, demons unleashed, escaping the confines of the mind. It embodies the universal struggle, the "Demons in Every Man." Yet, art is the mirror of perception. What do you discern amidst its depths? How does it resonate with you?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Thomas Weddington
Fantastic read

Normally I’m not a comic book fan but I loved every page of book one. Very cool concept with a bit of realism. I cannot wait to meet Austin again and talk about it. Also can’t wait for book two to be released. Also the cover art and any artwork inside book one is incredible. Props to everyone involved in creating RedEmpt1on

Ben Pinkerton
Great read building up to something great.

I got this comic when I met Austin st John at a convention in Kentucky (btw he's a super friendly guy). I didn't know what to expect but the cover art drew me in and I had to get it. The comic is really cool it has a lot happen in such a small amount of time. The art is beautiful and brutal at times and the end of the book was a big surprise that left me wanting more. Can't wait for issue 2.