Griff Master Piece 11x17 Poster Red & Gold Battle Damage Jason

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Product Description

Griff does it again with this 11x17 masterpiece!  Available signed by ASJ only!!!

This combines Jason Lee Scott the Original Red Ranger and Leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As well as Jason Lee Scott the Sixth Ranger and Gold Ranger of Power Rangers Zeo.  The only Ranger to ever hold the power of three exceptionally powerful off world Rangers in a single body all at once!   Only Jason was capable of such a feat even for 17 episodes!  

Here, Jason is engaged at the climax of one of the franchises greatest battles! As he dominates his greatest enemies and takes damage before conquering all!  This is one of the hardened states of battle that you didn’t get to see Jason in as a child!  Austin has never offered this print for sale signed on his website. It will be offered for a limited time and will not be offered at $79 for long!  Soon it will go back up to $149 to limit its release.  This is available while supplies last!


Shipping world wide is available.