My Story

At age five, Austin began practicing martial arts. He holds a second degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and a first degree black belt in Judo. He loves baseball, sushi, and most importantly, his fans. But beyond all other aspects of his life by far, Austin is best known for his role as the first Red Ranger in the Power Rangers franchise.

When he began his role as Jason Lee Scott (the Red Ranger in the hit series “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” and the Gold Ranger in “Power Rangers Zeo”), he had no idea it would lead him to where he is today. Very few people have enjoyed the same level of notoriety from a single role than has Austin St. John. Since his time on Power Rangers, he has dedicated his life to his fans. From conventions to memorabilia, he has spent his time doing as much as he possibly can for his fans, to whom he attributes his success. The love fans share for the show inspires Austin to always deliver at the highest level. Because of his dedication to his supporters, Austin personally handles each and every transaction at St. John Enterprises and oversees all customer service.

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